Cellular Nutrition

Dr. Kleiner’s Non-Negotiable Supplements

Before you build the specialized stories of a world-class building, you must establish and build a strong foundation. Your body works the same way. You must take care of your foundational health in order to enhance your health, and then build on strength, speed, power, endurance, and a greater quality of life.

The base of your foundational health blueprint is gut health. We are only at the beginning of understanding how our gut biome, or the bacterial and yeast cultures that live symbiotically within our GI tract, impact the health of our body and the function of our brains. What we know clearly is that in order to maximize any foods and supplements that you eat you must have a healthy intestinal lining. Taking a daily probiotic with proven bacterial cultures that support intestinal health is essential to your foundational health.

Next on the list of foundational health factors is fish oil, capitalizing on its anti-inflammatory properties to support gut and total body health. Only the two marine oils, DHA and EPA, will make this health difference. There is no substitute for these two oils, and you need a proven dose to get the optimal effect.

Now that you’ve taken the steps to create a healthy gut, add in the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to support all the functional systems of your body. Few of us eat enough of a wide variety of food to meet our optimal nutrient requirements.  A daily micronutrient supplement gives you that extra edge to meet your needs for a busy, to recover, to rest well, and to get up again the next day, day after day.

 That’s it. That’s the foundation. Now you can build a masterpiece on top of it.


What brand should you buy?

I use USANA. Here’s why…

USANA has a world-class team of scientists that research and publish cutting-edge scientific studies on their own ingredients. This is rare in the supplement industry, and it gives me confidence in USANA products.

Every day I receive reports of contaminated nutritional supplements: diet products laced with weight loss drugs, muscle building supplements contaminated with steroids, herbal mood supplements adulterated with anti-depression drugs. Numerous published studies report that it is commonplace to find products where what’s on the label is not in the product, and too many times that what’s in the product is not on the label. This occurs with vitamin and mineral supplements, as well.

USANA Health Sciences manufactures all their products under strict quality control that meets the certification requirements for an FDA drug manufacturing facility. They offer “The Athlete’s Guarantee”, testing their products at a trusted third party laboratory, NSF for Sport, for purity and potency. USANA is the only company in the world that offers their sponsored athletes a million dollar guarantee against any of their products testing positive for a banned substance. That’s hard to beat, and we all benefit from that pledge!