Coach Consults

The more personalized the program, the better the results. A personalized coaching consult provides strategies tailored to each individual.

Clients connect with Pam Kruse, exercise physiologist, to craft a personalized plan and be introduced to available programs.

Experience has shown that taking people out of large groups and connecting with them on a deeper, more personal level improves success. Fitbodies coach consults help create this connection in a one-on-one environment by connecting clients with their own personal trainer who has one main goal: to enable and empower them to reach their goals.

All coach consults begin with the coach-client relationship; building trust and seeking to understand what client intentions are to help them figure out what they want and why they want it.

Next, Coach Pam will establish a baseline using assessments such as a Functional Movement Screen to paint a clear picture of where the client is starting his or her journey.

Using assessment information and keeping the client’s intention in mind, Pam will create a personalized plan that includes performance strategies tied to attainable and incremental process goals. With the plan in place, your coach will addresses concerns and roadblocks to ensure that you are comfortable with and confident in the steps you need to take. After any final adjustments to the plan, you begin working toward your goal.