Training Services

Everyone deserves a training plan that’s customized for their needs and goals and will help them go beyond what they imagined was possible.

Choose from three offerings to meet your personal needs. Each offering includes workouts led by Pam Kruse, Exercise Physiologist. Exercise Therapy for Post- Rehabilitation and Nutrition coaching from a registered dietitian is also available.


Small Group Training

With small group fitness training, people get a superior workout experience while building relationships that help to increase personal accountability -- so they have fun and stick with it.


Duet (Semi-Private) Training

Looking for programming that’s more personal than small group classes but not quite as intimate as private sessions? Share a training session with a friend of similar fitness in a duet setting. It provides high accountability, and you’ll receive individualized programming and is more affordable than a private.


Private Training

This is more than a great workout. FITBOD KAUAI personal training programs are about providing the one-on-one attention people deserve so they can achieve what matters most to them. Coach Pam creates customized personal training plans that draw upon her 20+ years of expertise to help people succeed.

Pam is amazing, my first experience with Pam was to train for a 5K and that was 15+ years ago. Pam’s been my personal trainer and friend ever since. I have gained long lasting friendships through Pam’s classes over the years as well. Pam’s education and knowledge is applied as she ensures I exercise with proper form and addresses my weaknesses for overall balance and health. Pam designed exercises to work through an injury to my foot and ankle last year and my range of motion and strength have greatly improved.

I may not be 30 something anymore but with Pam’s expertise, I plan to keep fit and strong so I can keep up with my grandchildren and stay active. Thank you, Pam!
— Jill P., Kauai