Personal Training

Fitbodies helps people maximize their hard work and dedication with one-on-one, goal-oriented fitness coaching and customized personal training plans.

Everyone deserves a training plan that’s customized for their needs and goals and will help them go beyond what they imagined was possible.

This is more than a great workout. Fitbodies personal training programs are about providing the one-on-one attention people deserve so they can achieve what matters most to them.  Coach Pam will create customized personal training plans that draw upon her 20+ years of expertise in exercise science to help people succeed.

Coach Pam wants to help people achieve their goals, regardless of what they might be. With this in mind, she seeks to understand each person’s unique needs, provide personalized attention, and offer support along the way.

The design of each one-on-one training session is based on an initial consultation and previous exercise history. Pam will adjust training plans when needed, whether it means scaling back because of injury, ramping up because a goal has been surpassed, or providing additional motivation when it’s needed most.